Personhood is a new and rapidly growing movement within the Pro-Life Community that seeks to establish a legal definition of a person that includes unborn children, thus making killing an unborn child a crime punishable under existing murder laws.


What Is Personhood?
Personhood Amendment?
Can it END Abortion?
In Almost 40 Years, Why Has Abortion Not Ended Yet?

"...if the suggestion of personhood for the unborn is established, the Roe v. Wade abortion rights case, of course, collapses..."    - from the 1973 Roe v. Wade, U.S. Supreme Court Decision

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PERSONHOOD:  Get Your Questions Answered!
An Introduction to Personhood.
What is a Personhood Amendment?
How a Personhood Amendment Work?

Why Has Abortion Not Ended Yet? 
Because of the Abandonment of Personhood, the Original Pro-Life Strategy.

Establishing Personhood is the KEY to Ending Abortion!  hear directly from the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade.

Why No Exception for Rape & Incest?

What About Contraceptives?
The Original Pro-Life Strategy

1970s:  First Federal Personhood Amendments.
2005:   First State Personhood Amendment.

  Personhood & Pro-Life Strategies That Kill

Failed Pro-Life Strategies: 
Appointing Pro-Life Judges,
Enact Hundreds of Laws That Only Limit Abortion

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban - A Publicity Stunt
How it Lost 15 Years, $250 Million Dollars, and 18 Million Lives

What has this person done wrong to deserve the death penalty?

Remember me.


"Many pro-life groups and lawmakers in the past 40 years have bobbed, weaved and swerved around the abortion crisis instead of confronting it head-on. Now overcoming the Roe decision by legally declaring that human beings are persons from the moment of fertilization is a real possibility."

John E. Archibold, Esq.
Founding Board Member of both:
Americans United for Life

National Right to Life

"If the suggestion of personhood
for the unborn is established,
Roe v. Wade abortion rights case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th

From the 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision
(Justice Blackmun Writing for the Majority Opinion)

U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Harry Blackmun

Architect / Author of the
Roe v. Wade Decision

What IS and IS NOT
a Personhood Amendment.
Also know as Human Life Amendments.

While some think it is any type of constitutional amendment dealing with abortion that is not the case.

A Personhood Amendment IS a constitutional amendment that establishes a legal definition of a person that includes unborn children, thus making killing an unborn child a crime punishable under existing murder laws.

A Personhood Amendment IS NOT a 'ban' on abortion (a 'medical procedure' as the courts view it).

How a Personhood Amendment Works.

To understand the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Courts better, let's take a look at this question:   Does a person have the right to make their own medical decisions? 
The common sense answer is obviously YES.  This is a fundamental right.

At present, all courts consider abortion a medical decision, so any legislative or constitutional approach that is worded to heavily restrict or outlaw abortion (the medical procedure) will fail because the courts view it as ‘taking away’ from a woman's rights, a legal 'negative'.

The only way to protect unborn children is through a constitutional amendment that legally recognizes unborn children as persons, a legal 'positive'. This grants or recognizes the human rights of unborn children and would automatically legally maneuver Federal courts into doing the same.

This approach frames the question properly:
Should we protect unborn children from being killed since they are human beings?
  The common sense answer is obviously YES.

When both the unborn child and mother are recognized as persons legally in the courts, a baby's Right to Life outweighs the mother's fundamental right to make her own medical decisions, except when saving her own life.

Any attempt to establish personhood for the unborn will have to meet and overcome Federal Court challenges to end abortion.  Roe v. Wade is the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the U.S. Either Roe v. Wade will prevail or the Personhood Amendment will.  Only ONE can survive!  Only a properly worded State Personhood Amendment has the pure raw power to overturn Roe and end abortion throughout the entire United States.Back to Top


In Almost 40 Years,
Why Has Abortion Not Ended Yet?
A Quick History of the Pro-Life Movement and Personhood, the Original Pro-Life Strategy.

From the 1970s thru 1980s, the original strategy and main goal of the Pro-Life Movement was to enact a Human Life Amendment (aka Personhood Amendment) to the U.S. Constitution which would establish personhood protection for unborn children.  Pro-Life leaders knew that enacting such an amendment would easily overturn "Roe v. Wade" and end abortion throughout the entire United States and territories.  Major Pro-Life organizations including Americans United for Life and National Right to Life were heavily involved in advancing such amendments.  A lesser known part of the same strategy was to introduce similar amendments in the states.  They never did.  They dropped the ball.

In 2005, over 30 years later, the first ever state Human Life Amendment (aka Personhood Amendment) was introduced in Mississippi by Pro-Life Dave.  As of the end of 2011, NO State Personhood Amendment has yet to be enacted.  This is what the Personhood Movement is trying to accomplish:  To enact a State Personhood Amendment in order to make the first serious head-on attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade, which many believe will succeed - and do so easily.

Since the early 1970s, over 300 Federal amendments were introduced into a divisive Congress, all of them getting nowhere.  Since the 1990s, most national Pro-Life organizations have abandoned Human Life (aka Personhood) Amendments and any hope of a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade.  Their strategy changed to a 'long term' focus of slowly  "chipping away" at Roe instead of confronting it head-on.  Over the years, mainline Pro-Life groups have focused primarily on enacting hundreds of state laws that only 'LIMIT ABORTION' but yet end with"and then you can kill the baby."

Where they have dropped the ball, a new and growing movement of Pro-Life citizens are taking up The Original Pro-Life Strategy:  PERSONHOOD.  Establishing the Right to Life of unborn children through a State Personhood Amendment has now become the explosive answer to ending abortion and is taking the Pro-Life Movement by storm.

"the first real movement in 37 years since Roe"
Shaun Kenney, Exec Dir American Life League

The once dead and unreachable goal of establishing personhood in the U.S. Constitution has now gained new life in the states.  Personhood once again is breathing new life into the Pro-Life Movement by returning to its founding principles and strategies.  The Personhood Movement is a dynamic and rapidly growing segment of the Pro-Life Community focused on the enactment of State Personhood Amendments.

Below you will see why Personhood IS THE KEY to Ending Abortion, Once and For All!Back to Top


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If Personhood is Established,
 Roe v. Wade Would Be Thrown Out!
Excerpt from the 2nd Oral Arguments before the Supreme Court in 1972

U.S. Supreme
Court Justice
Potter Stewart

"if it were established that an unborn fetus is a person… you would have almost an impossible case here, would you not?"


Attorney for Roe
Sarah Weddington


"I would have a very difficult case."

U.S. Supreme
Court Justice
Potter Stewart

"… this would be the equivalent-after the child was born, if the mother thought it bothered her health any having the child around, she could have it killed.
Isn't that correct?"

Attorney for Roe
Sarah Weddington

"That’s correct."

"If the suggestion of personhood for the unborn is established, the Roe v. Wade abortion rights case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment."  -  From the 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision

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Why No Exception for Rape & Incest?

People and politicians might think twice if they understood the real impact of justifying abortion for rape and incest.

FIRST  Anyone who supports abortion for rape and incest is effectively endorsing the killing of ALL unborn children, at any time, for any reason.  Why?

Justifying abortions for Rape & Incest is what OPENED THE DOOR for ALL UNBORN CHILDREN to be killed today.  This what started the slippery slope to Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion in the first place.  It was these first exception laws that unleashed the slaughter on all innocent unborn babies.  First passed in Mississippi in 1966, then in 1967 in Colorado, California, and North Carolina, then in 1968 in Georgia and Maryland.  These laws undermined the foundation of personhood for all unborn children.   Because you cannot just legally kill a person -- these states were declaring in their laws that an unborn child was not a person.  This led to ALL unborn children being killed at any time, for any reason, not just for rape and incest.   More info.

SECOND  Anyone who supports abortion for rape and incest is effectively endorsing the legalized torture and violent killing of unborn children for the crimes of their father.

No child should get the Death Penalty for the crimes of their father.  It is against all concepts of justice to punish one person for the crimes of another.  The Bible declares in Deuteronomy 24:16 that children shall not be but to death for the crimes of their father, and the same is outlined in the U.S. Constitution Article III, Section 3.

Endorsing abortion for rape and incest clearly punishes the innocent baby for the crimes of the father.  A punishment that goes well beyond any established forms of punishment reserved for the worst of criminals, enemies, and terrorists.  It goes to a level beyond the worst brutal torture tactics known to mankind to include agonizing pain as one's body is torn apart piece by piece.  A punishment that no one should ever endorse or have to go through!

THIRD   Abortion for Incest & Rape Covers Up the Crime and Promotes the Abuse of Women. This is what many will not tell you.  It is the one of many dark sides of the reality of abortion.  Abortion clinics do not report the crimes of incest and statutory rape of minors, and typically sends the incest victim back home to her rapist.  Even worse, they often send her home with her rapist, the same criminal who brought her and forced her to have the abortion.  Abortion for incest and statutory rape of minors easily traps young women into a continued cycle of abuse by:

  • emboldening the criminal to rape his young victim;
  • helping the criminal escape being caught;
  • tempts the criminal  to repeat his crime; and,
  • while under the control of her abuser, forces the woman to kill her baby thus increasing her trauma and suffering.

Report on Child Predators and Abortion Clinics,
  Women Pregnant by Rape:  Video  Their Stories.   Back to Top
HEAR FROM:  Children Conceived in Rape:  Video  Their Stories.


What About Contraceptives?

Will establishing personhood for unborn children ban all contraceptive use?  The fact is that SOME contraceptives or birth control cause the baby to be aborted and SOME don't.  If you hear someone claim that a Personhood Amendment would 'ban' a specific contraceptive, you should be asking: "Does that contraceptive actually abort a baby?"    A Personhood Amendment would only ban contraceptives that cause a baby, after he or she is created, to be flushed out, to not implant naturally in the womb.

You'd be surprised at how many people, who consider themself to be Pro-Life, who are ignorant of the fact of whether or not their contraceptives are causing their created babies to be aborted.  You need to ask your doctor this important question to be sure.
See Also: "Dispelling The Myths" behind conception, contraception and abortifacient drugs.Back to Top


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Early 1970s
The First Personhood Amendments

Roe v. Wade was the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas anti-abortion law, which had the effect of legalizing abortion throughout the United States.  Several Human Life Amendments (aka Personhood Amendments) were drafted and proposed in Congress in the early 1970s.    One main version1 became popular in the early 70s with  two other popular versions, the Paramount1 and the Unity Human Life Amendment1 being drafted over the next decade.  The target of these amendments were the United States Constitution.  (view early amendments)

Read President Reagan's Personhood ProclamationThe beginning of the modern Pro-Life Movement we know today was started in the early 1980s and gained a great ally in President Ronald Reagan (see Reagan's Personhood Proclamation).  During this time the main focus of the Pro-Life Movement was the passage of a Federal Personhood Amendment to the U.S Constitution.  It was common knowledge that the Federal Personhood Amendment was the key to overturning Roe v. Wade and abortion in America. The reason is that once you legally recognize unborn children as persons they have rights.  A Right to Life has more weight than a woman's right to make her own medical decisions (i.e. to have an Abortion, which is how the courts view it).

Because this was so important, the Pro-Life Movement lobbied every person running for Congress and in other top leadership positions around the country to make a public stand in support of the Federal Human Life Amendment. 

Over the years more than 330 different proposals being called a Human Life Amendment have been introduced in Congress.  In over 35 years not one Human Life Amendment has gotten anywhere.  The end of the Federal Personhood Movement was over.

The Federal Personhood Amendment
The Death of a Vision

Unfortunately, since the 1980s the Federal Personhood Amendment  was dropped as a viable project by the Pro-Life Movement due to the difficulty in getting it passed through a very diverse and partisan Congress.  The Pro-Life Movement, disheartened, took up projects not to overturn Roe and abortion but to only scale back abortion as much as they could legally through state and federal legislation.  The Pro-Life Movement, for the most part, had given up on overturning Roe v. Wade.  It was now only spoken of as a vague ideal or a 'long term strategy' and left the Pro-Life Movement seeking alternative strategies.Back to Top


A Must See!

A Very Powerful
 50 Minute Presentation on
Personhood for the Unborn and
also Pro-Life Strategies That Kill.

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Republican Appointed
 Pro-Life Judges

One early adopted strategy was to focus on electing Republican Presidents so they would nominate Pro-Life judges to the Federal Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.  This strategy has yet to yield any success and had seriously backfired because it effectively made murders of our Pro-Life judges.    We'll explain as you read on.

The main reason this strategy has failed so miserably, was in the way it was implemented.  National Pro-Life organizations and leaders taught a 'legal positivist' position  --  that our government officials should always obey the government's and courts' view of what was right and wrong instead of God's.  This meant that no lower court Pro-Life judges should ever issue a ruling that challenged higher courts and established rulings like Roe.  Even though by doing so they issued unjust rulings that allowed for the murder of unborn children. 

The correct implementation would be to promote the appointment of Pro-Life judges who would never issue rulings that allowed innocent human beings to be killed no matter what.  This promotes basic justice ("Self-evident truths") and God's standard  "Do Not Murder!"  Also, if lower court judges don't issue rulings in opposition to Roe then it will never be overturned because that is how the system works.  Some say that these judges would just get kicked out of their position.  Maybe so, but it is better than becoming accomplices to murder.  After World War II, Nazi Germany Judges were convicted of murder for that same thing, allowing the innocent to be killed.  The German judges justified themselves by saying they were just doing their job in upholding the law or a higher court ruling.

Our Pro-Life judges have now become active participants by ruling in favor of the unjust killing of innocent children.  They were now corrupted by the system because they did not stand up against murder of the innocent.  Those Republican appointed pro-life judges have now done more to hurt the Pro-Life Movement and keep Roe v. Wade alive than Democrat appointed judges.  Back to Top


Laws Only Limiting Abortion

The now faded goal of ending abortion was replaced by what is called the 'Limited Abortion' coalition or 'Incremental' Pro-Lifers.  If you try to remember recent Pro-Life activities since the early 1990s you will find one shocking fact.  Most, if not all,  legislative/political activity has centered around not ending abortion once and for all but in only 'limiting abortion.'   This strategy led the Pro-Life Movement in getting bogged down in a "Nazi Germany" type debate: while accepting the killing of Jews, they focused on banning Poison A for the more humane Poison B.  Laws based upon this strategy, to 'regulate' abortion, still ended with: "and then you can kill the baby."

The "Limited Abortion" coalition's concept was to focus on  'chipping away' at Roe v. Wade through promoting hundreds of laws mostly in the states - all in an attempt to limit abortion, with some unexplainable reason that it would "eventually" overturn Roe v. Wade.  Because these laws were never meant to actually overturn Roe but to only limit abortion, they continually tested the limits of the Roe v. Wade case in the courts.  As a result they ended up reaffirming that abortion was just and legal in the eyes of society and helped established Roe v. Wade more in government and the courts.  In over 15 years this strategy has not gotten anywhere close to overturning Roe v. Wade.  Their response to the strategy's failure is to give it more time.  When we look at the great loss of life in allowing 10, 20, or 30 more years waiting for this strategy to possibly work, it just is not a viable option.  Pro-Life activist who have focused on this strategy had now become the 'enemy' of unborn children they once fought against.

This cancerous idea, promoted by key national Pro-Life & Pro-Family leaders and organizations, had been adopted by many other Pro-Life leaders and organizations across America as their main focus also.  Anyone who now promotes other Pro-Life projects, like Personhood, and/or contradicts the 'Limited Abortion" strategy is dismissed as unwise and classified as a 'danger' to the Pro-Life Movement.  While this is changing, many older, well established organizations still view this as the only way.  It's interesting to note that those same organizations who are against state Personhood Amendments (aka Human Life Amendments) once rallied the Pro-Life Movement in the 1970s and 80s for a Federal Human Life Amendment.

While some of the legislation has done some immediate good it also did a very dangerous thing, it took the Pro-Life Movement's attention, focus, and resources away from establishing Personhood through a Personhood Amendment, the only way to end abortion once and for all.  A true Personhood Amendment would in one precise action accomplish all of the goals of those 'limiting abortion' laws and more.  It would end abortion once and for all throughout the United States.   It would overturn Roe v. Wade.

"If the suggestion of personhood for the unborn is established, the Roe v. Wade abortion rights case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment."
From the 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision
(Justice Blackmun Writing for the Majority Opinion)
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(PBA) Partial-Birth Abortion Ban:

A Publicity Stunt

One of the most major moves in the Pro-Life Movement was the 15 year long struggle to get a Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban (PBA) passed and through the Courts.  This series of national and state campaigns run by major Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations was to-date the most empty of all Pro-Life efforts because it never was capable of saving one life.  It just outlawed one abortion procedure.

The PBA led The Pro-Life Movement astray for 15 Years, created a $250 million dollar "Cash Cow" in fundraising, and the 15 year delay allowed over 18 million more unborn babies to be killed.

"Ending partial-birth abortion… does not save a single human life."
- Dr. James Dobson

"The PBA ban fiasco raised a quarter of a billion dollars for the pro-life industry, yet never had the ability to prevent a single abortion."
 - American Right to Life

In 2006, Focus on the Family leaders admitted (see video) that they knew the Partial Birth Abortion Ban would not save one child, and that they chose not to made that clear to their listeners and readers, but felt they needed something to keep abortion in front of the public's eyes. 

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban (PBA)  took away 15 years from the Pro-Life Movement's time, efforts, and hundreds of millions in resources.  What we should have been focusing on all along is the correct, true, and just strategy, a strategy that would end abortion once and for all,  The Original Pro-Life Strategy:  PERSONHOOD

National Right to Life (w/affiliates) $ 53 M
American Center for Law & Justice $ 40 M
American Family Association $ 40 M
Focus on the Family $ 22 M
Priests for Life $ 19 M
Alliance Defense Fund $ 12 M
Family Research Council $ 10 M
Concerned Women for America $ 10 M
Christian Coalition $   4 M
Americans United for Life $   4 M
Christian Legal Society $   4 M
Life Dynamics $ 3.5 M
Source: ARTLBack to Top


2005: Coming Full Circle
Introduction of the
First State Personhood Amendment


The Only Way to END Abortion:
a State Personhood Amendment!

Studies in the areas of early American history, the founding fathers, and our system of government reveal that our state governments have always been the primary sources of politically protecting our God-given rights2, not the Federal Government.  (What are God-given Rights?)  The Pro-Life Movement’s Personhood Strategy through a Federal Personhood Amendment  was on target but unfortunately impassable in Congress.  The answer is a State Personhood Amendment.  Up until 2005, one had never been introduced or tried in U.S. History.  Legal studies show that it would have the same effect of overturning Roe v. Wade.

All previous legal and legislative challenges and strategies by the Pro-Life Movement were viewed in the courts as attempting to “TAKE AWAY” (“a negative”) from the rights of a woman.  The recognition of unborn children as persons does not “TAKE AWAY" from the mother but “RECOGNIZES” unborn children (“a positive”) with all legal rights and standing as persons in all courts.  Once a state recognizes unborn children in their constitution (not laws), all federal courts will be legally maneuvered to recognize unborn children as persons also, forcing the overturn of Roe v. Wade.   In the oral arguments in Roe, both the abortion lawyer and the Supreme Court Justices clearly admitted that IF it was established that an unborn child is a person then they would not have a case.

Pro-Life Dave from Mississippi introduced the Ultimate Human Life Amendment (UHLA), the first State Personhood Amendment in U.S. History.   The UHLA's carefully constructed wording was designed to specifically overcome key issues the U.S. Supreme Court had in Roe v. Wade.  (see How to Overturn Roe)  Remember the Roe v. Wade decision was an issue that came up from the State of Texas and eventually led to the U.S. Supreme Court's making abortion legal in all states.  A State Personhood Amendment is the answer to ending abortion!  AND one State's Personhood Amendment  just might be capable overturning Roe v. Wade and knocking it out in all states!
See More on: State Personhood Amendments.

NO State Personhood Amendment
 has EVER been enacted yet...Back to Top

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God-given and Politically Protected Rights….

All Rights in our system of government originally go back to the Bible and God, called "God-given Rights" and "Inalienable Rights".  You would be correct to say that all people should have a Right to political and religious speech without being jailed.  In America this “God-given” Right is “Politically Protected” in our state and federal constitutions.  But if you go to Saudi Arabia and try to exercise that God-given Right then you most likely will be arrested, jailed, and may be stoned to death or lose your head at the chopping block because that God-given Right is not “Politically Protected” by the Saudi Arabian government.  So the idea in general is to identify and understand our God-given Rights and make sure that they are protected in our state constitutions.    [ return back ]

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